Second Show

The second show for the 2018 season is Big River! You can read more about it on the GTIP Website.

As far as the pit is concerned, this is a very small group so this will be the rare case of very few North Star members being needed. See the page for the first show for more playing opportunities this summer.

Click here HERE to see the rehearsal and performance schedule for the Big River pit.

Contact Teresa Farley at if you are interested and/or have any questions.

Big River Pit:
1 – Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Optional English Horn, Bass Clarinet)
1 – Trumpt (Doubles Flugelhorn)
1 – Trombone (Doubles Baritone Horn)
1 – Drums: (Trap Set, Bells, Bell Tree and Triangle)
1 – Bass
1 – Guitar I (Banjo, Mandolin, 6 and 12 String Acoustic)
1 – Guitar II (Banjo and 6 String Acoustic)
1 – Violin
1 – Harmonica: (Doubles Jew’s Harp, Tamb, Bass Harmonica)