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The Conductors of the

North Star Community Band

Our Music Director/Conductor is Faye Rader. Faye founded the North Star Community Band in 1988 and has been conducting it ever since. Despite the fact that most of the time we only let her use the one stick, Faye really is a good percussionist. She earned her degree in music education from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and is certified in vocal, orchestral and band instruction.  She studied conducting with Paul Backlund.   Her performance credits include the Kansas City Symphony, the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Starlight Theater, The Mannheim Steamroller Orchestra and the Alexander Trio.  

    Faye is currently a music teacher in the Kansas City School District. She has designed the Band Buddies program (click here for more information) to match up her adult community band (that's us!) with her fifth grade band. This program has won her several awards, including one of ten "Excellence in Teaching" awards (the only winner that year from the Kansas City, MO school district), a 1997 John Tesh  Avalon World Tour Award from performing artist John Tesh, and recognition from the Music Educators National Conference.  Faye received the 1998-99 Distinguished Band Directors Award presented by the American School Band Director's Association and United Musical Instruments. 



Our Assistant Conductor is Roy Jones.   Roy holds a Master of Science in Education degree from Pittsburgh State University (KS) and a degree in Music Education from Central Missouri State University.  He is a veteran band director who gives particular credit to Dr. Russell Coleman and Dr. Richard Gipson at CMSU for their instruction and leadership. 

    Like Faye, Roy is a percussionist.  Unlike Faye,  we usually let him use both sticks!  He has been with the Band since its earliest days.   When he's not causing trouble in the percussion section,  Roy earns his keep by teaching in a Kansas City, MO magnet school.

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